Wow! What an honor. After doing business with you for 15 + years, the main reason I keep using your company includes the following reasons. First of all, but not always the most important is pricing. You have always beat competitors pricing (only a very few exceptions). Second, you always respond quick to let me know you are on my request and keep me updated on the progress of my quote, artwork, production and shipping. I know that when I receive an invoice my product is on it’s way or down in the shipping department waiting for me. Third, you still answer the phone and use email effectively. Fourth, you are detail oriented on artwork and product compatibility and have a great product knowledge of your industry. Fifth, I don’t feel like you just trying to make money off my company. I say this because I feel you possess the quality of taking care of the customer first, knowing payment will follow. Lastly, I know I can trust your company to provide what I need in a timely manner at the price promised. (Can’t count the many times you exceeded expectation to get products on tight turnarounds)!